Serie Noire

by Seydina

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Dream, nostalgia, childhood, addictions & love. Thats what 'Serie Noire' is all about. This first collections' serie produced by Seydina, has been written and recorded during a trip in middle east.

Serie Noire tells the journey of a young 20's man becoming refugee in a lost land after the crash of his generation's plane. This is the audio and visual story of his adventures in the land far from every sun.


released August 13, 2015

Written, Performed, Produced, Recorded & Mixed By Seydina Issa
Guitar (Track 5): Karl Diboule
Artworks By Seydina Issa



all rights reserved


Seydina Paris, France

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Track Name: Pardonne La Nuit
Pardonne la nuit baba, Pardonne la nuit baba
C'est elle qui t'éclaire quand il faut penser au lendemain
Pardonne la nuit baba
Si nous ne brillons pas, comment éclairer la nuit baba?
Pardonne la nuit baba
La nuit ne souhaite du mal à personne
Mais ne souhaite pas du bien à tout le monde
Pardonne la nuit baba (x3)
Track Name: Loin De Tout Soleil
A la vue de ces collines ocres
Là où l'horizon se pose, Le soleil
Père de ce désert de pierres
Qu'adviendra t'il de tes fils ?
Leur mère, avare de lait
Broussailles comme seules progéniture
La trace de l'homme ne faisait aucun doute
Et s'accrochant aux seules plastiques qu'il lui restait
Il ramait, ramait, ramait
Les sédiments couleur or
Et la vallée pour seul breuvage
C'était l'histoire de ces collines or
Ocres de pierres, blanche d'os

I told you girl
I never wanted any misunderstanding between me and you
But I love you so much
Beautiful thaughts, nice ass, hips, thick thighs and shit
I want you so bad
I want to fly away, simply fly away
I want to fly away

Innocence's blues, lay you down here
Alone with your defect broadcast
Track Name: Waiting For Better Days (Interlude)
"- Y'a 5 millions de chômeurs.
En vérité il y'en a 3 millions qui travaillent au noir,
tu vois ce que je veux dire. Ça fait 8, 9, 10 millions, ils te disent ce qu'ils veuillent. Toi t'es à l'école, t'es un gentil étudiant,
demain tu vas sortir tu vas te retrouver chômeur, à la rue, sans rien,
tu vois ce que je veux dire. Et tu seras comme nous on est là dans un arrêt de bus.
- C'est pas grave, on est déjà
- On est déjà sans même y être, imagine. Trop des faux délires.
Putain on pense à ça on y réfléchi, on sait déjà mais on va quand même pourquoi? Si seulement on savait pourquoi, je sais pas.."
Track Name: Soundz Of Freedom
All through granite mountains,
You can hear the soundz of freedom ( x12 )

Soundz of desert
You can hear the soundz of freedom
Soundz of desert ( x 9 )
Track Name: Artifice Paradis
It's been a long time ago I didn't do that
She was nice talking, flicks and bad guy
She showed me things like nobody did
Before there was an early wired for foreign, wild and rock'n'roll
I'm gonna tell you a story about that baby

Nasty style and high and shit. Oh Lord I didn't plan going that way
And now all my story's stuck in my knee misery life
And every night shits going the same way
The same way
Everytime in the same way (Every summer)
The same way
In the same way, alone in my bed in the same way

[Vision of a dream]

C'est pas seulement un label tu vois, c'est pas un groupe,
C'est plus que ça. On pourrait dire que c'est un mouvement tu vois
We independent men

Every cloth looks the same
Every face looks the same
Every shoes looks the same
Every phone looks the same
Every stone looks the same
Every fool looks the same
Every news looks the same
Every dream looks the same
Everyday looks the same
Everynight looks the same
Everyday looks the same
Everynight looks the same

I blent doves cause my mind.
Every covert dream is a real avert, tee down. I spent my life.
Thud lovers, grind dreaming, I spay love tripping.
Every scrimmage sounds same. Love, hovels, down, devil.
I'd biff without wake up, a shove lawn lovers.
I need love, you, and person love negus. I spent my life.
Hover, dreaming, high, tripping ("it's a every looking memory's life")
Ow if I sound tsarist ("alright")
Love photos and videos ("It's a look-alike")
Hoe, chav, love, save us. I spend time dreaming.
Oh love down, Nefik. Oh lord down, alone.
And spent, lay on my bed, I fall down dreaming.
And you are sipping, I spun love, dreaming.

Everytime is a same summer, every street looked same.
In place of nineteen district, Paris Oh.
Place des Fêtes, all in love, all in the strobe Place des Fêtes.
Every street looked the same.
In my birthday, every birthday looked the same.
In my souvenirs he's a same memory.
In my dreams he's a love picture.
In my hubbers I love everynight.
He's a pusher on my sleeping mind.
I'd love to future be better.
For my mother, Papa, I would promise I did better.
I love summers because I can dream at night.
He's a span, dime on the street down. On the street down.
Rue Mouzaia, Rue Docteur Potain, Rue Manin.
All away dreaming l'enfant rêveur au coin de la classe.
Tout seul près du chauffage. Et tous ces paysages.
Devant la glace. Et tous ces paysages.

The plant, Oh well the plant.
The plant makes you dream when reality don't love you.
Everything feels heaven, just for a moment.
By the time the eyes turn red and the chase for excitment begins.
I'm quiting slowly, my daily routine, for a everywhere trip.
That's why, that's why everynight I go to find Artifice Paradis.

To find Artifice Paradis (x7)